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27th July 2002

William(Bill) and Pamela Wappett married 1952

Dear Andrew
Billy's mum and dad, Pamela and William (Bill) Wappett celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary yesterday (26th July). I am attaching their story which appeared in the Bury Free Press and the East Anglian Daily Times yesterday, together with the accompanying photograph. I should have thought about sending it to you earlier but as you say everything is a mad rush and it slipped my mind. Anyway, it makes a nice read and you might be able to do something with it on your website.
Anyway, best go, the kids and their friends are all in the paddling pool enjoying the glorious weather! Bye for now
Michelle Wappett (and crew!)

11th July 2002
Dear Andrew
Sorry once again for the delay in replying to your e-mail of 6th May. However, I have now scanned a recent photo of Buster Teddy Wappett, born 11th November 2001, for you. As you can see he definitely lives up to his name!
I do not believe we have come across the Harbisher's from Teesside. Louise has obtained a European Kickboxing Title. If you take a look at the Latest News section on our website at you will see her photo and article. Am about to revamp the website so keep your eyes peeled!
Hope you are well. You're little girl must be one now!
Posted by Michelle Wappett

Buster Wappett aged 7 months

14th June 2002
Hi Andrew,
Thanks for your email regarding Elizabeth Wappet. I think your Elizabeth could well be the one who married Isaac Byers. This is the information I have to date.
My husband has an ancestor, Isaac Robinson who arrived in Australia (State of Victoria) is 1864. His father was Thomas Robinson of Morland and his wife Mary, nee Byers. I haven't been able to trace Thomas back any further but I found that Mary Byers was the daughter of Isaac Byers and his wife Elizabeth, nee Wappet. Isaac and Elizabeth married in Morland on 28th May, 1817. I've struck a blank following up with Isaac, but found three Elizabeth Wappets. One was the one you mention who was born in 1773 and I discounted her on the basis of age. The other two were Elizabeth Wappet, daughter of Thomas Wappat and Mary Pearson of St. Michael Appleby born 13/8/1799 and 'your' Elizabeth born in Kirkby Stephen to Richard and Mary in 1798. As both mothers were called Mary, and our Mary Byers had siblings called both Thomas and Richard, the names didn't give me any help in identifying which Elizabeth was the right one. If anything, I tended to go for Thomas and Mary based on the fact that Appleby was closer to Morland than Kirkby Stephen.
However, based on your information that Elizabeth had siblings born in Morland, it appears more likely that Richard and Mary are the more likely pair. To try to verify this further, I checked some records in our local Family History Centre. I live 300 kms from our State capital, Brisbane, which houses quite a large genealogical record centre, and our local society doesn't have a full range of information, so I was unable to ascertain when and where Robert's children arrived in Australia. I did however find a few Wappets in what is called the Pioneer Index. The entries which may be of interest to you are -
Thomas Wappat, died in 1868, aged 33. Born Westmoreland. Father Robert, Mother Mary Newton.
Thomas Wappat, born Westmoreland. Married in 1863 Ada Atherton.
Anthony Wappat born Westmoreland. Married Elizabeth Briggs 1874.

Both Thomas and Anthony were living in the State of Victoria at the time of these entries which is the same State to which Isaac Robinson migrated.

Based on all this information, I think it is reasonable to say that our Elizabeth is the same as the one born to Richard and Mary in Kirkby Stephens. Would love to know your exact relationship to this family and whether you have you any further information regarding them.

I don't know whether your interest extends this far, but Elizabeth and Isaac Byers had at least four children -
Mary born Morland 3/2/1818, married Thomas Robinson in 1840.
Thomas, born Morland 25/10/1820
John, b. Morland 13/1/1823
Richard b. Morland 3/5/1825.

If you want further information on Thomas and Anthony Wappat mentioned above, I'd be happy to delve further. Please let me know.
Posted by Joan Berry, Howard, Queensland, Australia

14th May 2002
My name is Brian Wappett and I am a 4th generation ( at least ) Wappett from Australia. You will have to excuse my scepticism as I have been contacted via someone from the friends reunited UK site and am a bit wary of internet dealings. I am however very interested in our family herirage as we really have no idea of our lineage. There are not many Wappetts in Australia and, unfortunately, most of those able to shed light on our background have died in recent years.
I am a 38 year old musician and high school music teacher with 3 children. As your site gets more advanced I will be happy to provide more information. I will contact my extended family to see if they wish to contribute as well.
Good bye for now
Posted by Brian Wappett
5th May 2002

Dear Andrew
Sorry about the time it's taken - we should have informed you ages ago - our son BUSTER TEDDY WAPPETT was born on 11th November 2001 weighing in at a healthy 8lbs 11oz and in record speed of just 25 minutes! He continues to live up to his name and at now almost six months old is 21lbs! If you would like a photograph of Buster to add to The Wappett Website please let us know.
We hope you and your family are all well.
Best wishes
Michelle Wappett x
11th July 2001
It's lovely to see some new messages up on the message board, and also some new e-mail addresses.
Our "Fighting Fit" website address has changed to though the old website address is linked to the new one.
There is yet another Wappett on the way!! A new baby is due on 13th November so watch this space!
Posted by Michelle Wappett

19th April 2001
As grandson of Alexander John Wappett, late a Chief Engineer for a shipping company out of Liverpool (the Princess' Star Line, I think), I suppose it is time I made our presence known to your researchers. My dad, John Paul Newton Wappett, only son of Alexander John Wappett is still alive and kicking. He was born in Paget, Bermuda and raised Tyneside in Hebburn, attending Barnard Castle School. I have two each brothers and sisters and three children of my own. I am a twenty year veteran criminal prosecutor, and am presently running a political contest (my first ever) to become District Attorney (head prosecutor) for Warren County in Upstate New York (the area around Lake George)
While I don't presently have a great deal of spare time to devote to genelological endeavors, please keep in touch.
Posted by John P.M. Wappett

16th March 2001
Dear Andrew,
Wonderful to hear from you so quickly!!!
I am married to David Morrison and we have two boys, Andrew Brian, born June 1987 and Stephen David, born April 1989. Incidentally, your little boy looks a real little pippin. Like you and your wife, I too am a teacher. There seem to have been quite a few teachers in the Wappett clan. I left teaching after 8 years and pursued a musical career, which I loved. I came up to Glasgow and studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama after which I joined Scottish Opera. David, my husband still works there. We actually sang together in the North-East and I didn't know he had come up here and he didn't know I was up here and we met at a dress rehearsal. He is from South Shields too (born at 6 Woodlands Terrace, South Shields July 1944) although just before he came up to Glasgow he lived in Stockton. I left Scottish Opera when Andrew was born and finally returned to teaching in 1991. I now teach at Gartconner Primary School in Kirkintilloch where I have a Primary 4 class (8 year olds) There are only 20 children in the class so it's quite nice.
Please keep in touch and let me know if I can help in any way.
Posted by Susan Morrison nee Wappett
25th August 2000
My Great Great Grandfather John Wappett born 23/4/1837 Appleby, St Lawrence, England died 20/4/1917 Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia is the Great Grandson of Robert Wappet & Elizabeth Dickenson. I believe we are the same family.If so I would love to swap info.
Posted by: Di Millar
7th August 2000
      Teacher from days gone by

Ann Hall of Coniston has kindly sent in this photograph of Mrs Elizabeth Hutchinson, her grandmother, formerly Miss Wappet, who taught at the old National School in The Ellers, Ulverston, now part of the Welfare State International premises.
One of her pupils, says Mrs Hall, was Molly Muckelt, of Soutergate, Ulverston, who herself became a teacher and subsequently head of Church Walk Infant School. Mrs Hall would be very interested to hear from anyone who may have any photographs of Mrs Hutchinson, particularly of her at school. She lived in Ainslie Street, Ulverston.
Article from unknown newspaper.
Posted by Frank and Susan Wappat

Does anyone know who Elizabeth's parents were, or how she fits onto the Wappett Tree? - Andrew

7th August 2000
What a delight to see so much information on our family worldwide! Billy Wappett might be interested to know that his distant cousin Jim Ryan is a Cho Dan (first degree black belt) in T'ang Soo Do (an older form of Taekwondo) and former president of the American-Korean Karate Association. My brother D. Hillsdon Ryan is a resident of the UK (Belgravia, London). Hillsdon founded the MISTER MINIT chain of service shops.
Posted by Jim Ryan (grandson of Nannie Virginia Wappett of Wytheville, Virginia, United States)

26th July 2000
We're pleased to see the creation of the Wappett Web Site - it is most intriguing. There are lots of us Wappetts in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England. Incidentally, we also have a web site of our own (concerning "Fighting Fit" Martial Arts Club) You may care to visit for a look into the life of some of us! (It is due to be updated a little shortly - the computer has been down for a while!). There are a few photographs on there but in addition we will also be more than happy to send you photographs of family members and details of family history etc. We will try and get something together for you shortly.
Posted by Michelle Wappett
I have taken some of the photographs and an article by Michelle and added them to the Wappett Site from their website. Click on the link [World Wide Wappett's] or click on the banner above. Andrew.
24th July 2000
Just to announce the creation of the Wappett Web Site, the sister of the Wappat Web Site. Please get in touch with Wappett's around the World, and post your messages here!
Posted by Andrew Wappat.