This page will chart the story of the Johnson Family of Whorlton, who are the ancestors of the Wappat family. The Johnsons were a wealthy family, and in their time owned the village of Whorlton, land at School Aycliffe, Woodholme as well as surrounding plantations. The earliest Wappat ancestor on the Johnson tree in Christopher Johnson born at Whorlton in 1510. His Great Great Grandson Ralph Johnson, born at Whorlton  in 1648 had a illegitimate son Ralph with Ann Wappat. Ralph Johnson later married Anne Wycliffe, of another wealthy local family, and had three further children, Robert, John and Aseneth. Ralph Wapputt alias Johnson was brought up by his father, and is mentioned in his father's will as such. His son Robert is buried in the Whorlton church yard, and his grave stone reads "Robert, son of Ralph Wappet alias Johnson" in a Latin inscription.

More details to follow soon.