All of this Web Site has only been possible by careful research by family members over many years. Their hard work is not complete and you can help, especially with the invention of the geneaologists dream, the Internet!

This page is a "request for help" message board, to locate lost family members, or in some cases whole branches of the Wappat and Wappett Trees. There are also some branches that we are in contact with, but can't connect to the Wappett Tree.    Can you help?    Please?!

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Last updated: 29th July 2003

Solved Puzzles since this page was started:

1) Blanche King Smith Wappat 1889-1939
Blanche is listed in the "Who Was Who among North American Authors 1921-1939 Volumes 1-7" and "Who's Who in American History Volume 1, 1897-1942"

Has anyone ANY idea who this was? Has anyone access to these texts, and would be willing to do some research?

Update: 29th July 2003: Blanche King Smith (born 1889, Pittsburg) married Fred William Wappat (born 1886, Pittsburg) of the F W Wappat Saw Company. She made an impact in her own right, as Blanche King Smith Wappat. She was the Second President of the Pittsburg Chapter of the newly formed Special Libraries Association (SLA) from 1923-1926. She attended schools in Pittsburg and Baltimore, and went on to write articles for the American Library Association, and eventually became a special lecturer at the Carnegie Library School. For more details on Blanche and Fred, see the New York Family Page.
Posted by Andrew
Many thanks to Sheila Rosenthal, Librarian at the Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, for searching the achives of the SLA, and for accessing the texts listed above.

2) Thomas Henry Wappett 1865
Thomas Henry Wappett married Isabel King Smith born 1872.
Has anyone got any details of this Wappett, or knows how he connects to the Wappett Tree?
Update: 7th August 2000: We now know that Thomas Henry Wappett was actually Thomas Henry Wappat, born 31Jan1865 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. His father was unknown, but he took the surname of his mother's dead husband George Wappat born 22Dec1822 of Whorlton. He is listed in the 1881 Census as a blacksmith's apprentice to Thomas Coulson of Haydon, Northumberland. He emigrated to Australia, married Isabel King of Victoria in 1894. He had four children to whom he gave the surname Wappett-Coulson; Cecil Thomas 1896, Gladys Mary 1898, Vivian McKenzie 1902, Pearl Irene 1906. Does this mean his REAL father was Thomas this why he was named Thomas?
Posted by Andrew
Many thanks to Daryl Povey of Victoria, Australia for his information and help.

3) Charles Wappett born around 1910, Australia
Charles married Clare, had two sons, and has a large family of descendants in New South Wales, Australia.

Has anyone any more details about Charles? His marriage record would provide details of his parents, and possible allow us to connect the Australian Wappetts to the Official Wappett Tree. Does anyone have any details of Charles' grandparents names?

We now know that Charles Wainwright Wappett is the Grandson of John Wappett, born 23Apr1837 from Appleby, one of two brothers who emigrated to Australia along with his brother Thomas. They are both the sons of Robert Wappat, born 1803 in Morland, England, firmly establishing the descendents of Charles on the Wappett Tree.
Unsolved Puzzles since this page was started:

1) William Wappett born around 1860, North-East England
William married Dorothy Ellen Robinson, born 21Sept1860. We know this from the birth certificates of two of his five(?) children, Alexander John Wappett, who has descendants in New York State and William Harold Wappett, who has descendants in Stevenage and North-East England.

Has anyone found William's marriage record to Dorothy? this will confirm his date of birth and parents, and allow us to confirm his place on the Official Wappett Tree.

2) Joseph Wappett born around 1860, North-West England

Joseph married Lucy Nicholson from Stainmore, and the couple married on the 16Feb1884. The couple have a large number of descendants living in Kendal, Liverpool, Wales and Wetherby, England.

Has anyone found Joseph's birth entry or certificate? This would provide details of his parents, possibly connecting this large branch to the Wappett Tree.

We now know Joseph was born in Keswick.
3) Unconnected Australian Wappetts

I have found some Wappetts on various Internet searches.
George Andrew Wappett (wife A B Wappett) and Walter Anthony Wappett (father J Wappett); both men served in the 5th Light Horse Regiment, Australian Imperial Force 1914-1918.
Evelynn M Wappett, born 21Jul1893 Ballina, NSW married John Bernard Campbell Blanch in 1921. She died on the 5Sep1974 in Brisbane, Queensland.
Ursula Daphne Wappett married John Brown Tilbrook in 1944, Sydney, NSW.

Has anyone got any details of these Wappetts, or knows how they connect to the Wappett Tree?
4) John Herbert Wappett, died 21May1918 aged 24

John served as a driver in the 15th Div.Train, Army Service Corps, and is buried at the Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun, Pas de Calais France. He was the son of the late John Wappett, stepson of Minnie Wappett, of Jackson's Yard, Kirky Stephen, Penrith, England
Does anyone have any details of this branch of the Wappett Tree?

5) Robert Wappet/Wapup around 1750 Northern England

I've left the best until last! This is the first Wappett on the Wappett Family Tree, and he married Elizabeth Dickinson, born 1753 in Musgrove. They married on the 17Nov1772 in Brough, Westmorland. We believe he may be a member of the Wappat Tree, Robert Wappet baptised 9Apr1754, and could be the missing link. To prove this we need to see the marriage entry to confirm his parents as Ralph Wappat and Margaret Ratcliffe.

Can anyone help? This would connect the 150+ Wappett Tree to the 250+ Wappat Tree, providing a giant Tree back to 1480! Help!!

Any help with any of the above searches would be much appreciated! Information to and if you have a further questions to

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