The Wappat Web Site is pleased to produce this page on behalf of another American branch of our family, those originally based in Utah State, but now also in Alaska and Oregon. We would like to thank in particular Avalon and Nigel Wappett, their sons Matt and  Andrew.  Last updated 2nd April 2002

Local Paper Learns of Mission President's Service 3rd July 2001

Taken from Mormon News

In answer to a call from the living prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Nigel and Avalon Wappett left the subarctic of Interior Alaska to serve a three year mission as President of the Phoenix Arizona Mission, one of 330 missions scattered throughout 171 countries worldwide. Here they are supervising 200 missionaries serving in the Central Arizona and the Phoenix metropolitan area.

"The president of the church is sustained as a prophet. When we're called, whatever sacrifice is worth it," said Nigel 53, who has put a busy obstetrics/gynecology practice on a three-year hold to serve. "It's been heart-wrenching to leave my patients, even for a short period," he said.

"The plan was for Avalon to get an M.A. in public health and we planned to serve in a medical or teaching capacity in a Third World country," Nigel said. This was the original plan that was put on hold when the call came last November and they began preparing themselves and their family for the transition. "We will resume that path," he continued. "When I do retire in 10 years I plan to use my professional skills as a medical missionary."

The Wappetts will follow the same daily schedule as the missionaries they serve. They will start their day with prayer and study at 6:30 a.m. and work until 10:30 p.m. Avid runners, the Wappett's plan to arise even earlier to get in their customary 6-mile run. Leading a large flock won't be a new experience for the Wappetts. Nigel served for almost 10 years as Fairbanks State President and the couple have five children.

"He is a kind, intelligent, concerned human being and very thoughtful," said District Court Judge Mark Wood, who replaced Nigel as Stake President. "I don't know when the man slept. I know I've been sleeping less."

Service is no stranger to the Wappett family. Daughter, Hailey, 24, is currently serving in Japan. Kerry, 21, just returned from a two-year stint divided between Protugal and Cape Verda off the coast of Africa. The oldest son, Matt, 28, served two years in Taiwan. Andy, 26, served two years in East Berlin and daughter-in-law Courtney served in San Diego, California.

Their son Andy and his wife, Courtney and grandson, Chandler will live in the family home until their return. The youngest daughter Whitney, 18, recently graduated from Lathrop High School as the salutatorian of her class. She will be attending nearby Brigham Young University in the fall.

"We're nothing special. We're ordinary people. Our lives have been motivated by our faith," Nigel stated simply. "That's been the central aspect of our lives and I hope our children's."

"A lot of Nigel's colleagues don't understand the extent of their faith that tells them when a call comes from a prophet of God that you say yes and work out the details later," said President Wood.

By Rosemary Pollock

Taken from Mormon News

The Birth of Chandler Andrew Wappett, on the 16th August 2000.
Photographs courtesy of Avalon. Congratulations on behalf of Wappats around the World!

Courtney, Andrew and Chandler Wappett

Chandler Andrew Wappett born 16th August 2000

Some History about the Utah/Alaskan Wappetts.

Although this branch of the family have an alternative spelling of the family surname, they are all our direct relatives, also descended from Ralph Wapputt alias Johnson (1673), himself descended from Christopher Johnson (1510).
John Wappat (1789) was the 3rd great-great-grandson on Ralph Wapputt alias Johnson. He had seven children including William Pearson Wappatt (1838), the father of the first Mexican Wappat. John's third child John Wappat (1826) had six children, some named Wappat, and some Wappett, although he signed himself 'Wappat' on his marriage certificate. His second son John Wappett had five children, his youngest George Wappett (1901) being born in Shildon, Durham. George had two children Joan Lavina and Nigel George Wappett, who both emigrated to America in 1950.

It is hoped that there will be more details to follow.

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