This page is an access portal to other Wappat Family Web Pages on the Internet. If there is still space on this web host, it may be possible for us to write Home Pages for other members and branches of the family. If you are interested in obtaining some Home Pages to display on this site, please contact
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Link to Andrew and Hermione's Home Pages

These web pages are a shameless attempt by proud parents to peddle pictures of our new son to the world.
To lessen this obvious ploy, there are also pictures of the North Yorkshire Moors where we live, and slightly less interesting photographs of too many home improvements.

Link to New York Wappats Web Pages

These pages are those of the New York State branch of the family, in the States since William's emigration in 1880.

The current site contains photographs and snippets of information about the current family out there. For a history going further back to New York ancestors, visit the World Wide Wappats page.

Link to Tim and Clare's Web Site

Tim and Clares' pages show an infinitely better knowledge of HTML than I have...

Click above to explore dancing Vegemite characters, excellent views of Scottish mountains and use the Wombat Search Engine!!