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23rd December 2008
You can't have failed to notice I haven't had much time to update the site.
I am in the process of transferring much of this site to Facebook.
Go to and join if you haven't already.
Look up the profile called 'Wappat Tree' and ask to join.
Only genuine family members need apply!

1st June 2007

I've picked up a bit of Wappat nostalgia on eBay recently - the LP 'Left To Write' MWM1022 by Eric Boswell, featuring North-East singers and TV and radio personalities. Side two features Frank Wappat singing 'They Don't Write Songs Like These', but it is the cartoon on the front, which includes Frank, and also the 'Little Waster' Bobby Thompson, that caught my attention. The cartoon dates from 1979 by Geoff Laws, and I've adapted it slightly for inclusion here:

Frank Wappat & Bobby Thompson (Geoff Laws) 1979

Posted by Andrew Wappat

4th May 2007

Dear Andrew,

Life moves by far too quickly for us to fulfill all of our goals. But we are coming to Britain this year and would love to coordinate our schedules. We would love to meet you and share some of your insights into our family tree. We know that your life is filled to the top with the demands of work and family and hope that perhaps we can fit into the schedule.

We are going to be completing a dream of ours in York on October 1st. We are walking from coast to coast. We leave on September 16th from St. Bees and end at Robin Hood's Bay. It will be an adventure for us that will carry us across time and country. Nigel is especially looking forward to reconnecting with his roots. He is an Englishman at heart!

Please let us know if there is any possibility of us connecting for even a few hours.

We look forward to your reply.

Nigel and Avalon Wappett

Alaskan Wappett Reunion 2007

P.S. We thought you might enjoy a photo of our family. We had a family reunion in Tucson, Arizona at Christmas. All of us were there! Since this photo we have added two additional grandchildren. We are growing in size, and genetically we continue to pass on pure Wappett traits!

Andrew Replies:
We can definitely meet up! Looking forward to it Avalon!


26th November 2006

Link to Frank Wappat in The Market

Announcing the launch of  the 'Frank Wappat in The Market' website!

Market Shop is based in Stanhope, in the beautiful Wear Valley, some 20 miles from the historic Cathedral town of Durham.

Frank and Susan took over Market Shop in February 2006 increasing its product base by adding a 'Frank Wappat Music' CD/DVD department specialising in North-East Folk, Traditional music, Comedy, Inspirational, 1920's, 30's, 40's and 50's Nostalgia and other material.

The shop, which is open 7 days a week from 10.00am to 4.00pm selling everything from CB/Radio communications, CD/DVD's, electrical goods, hardware, household items, gifts and fancy goods attracts many of Frank's listeners who drop by. He has now decided to have his office based in the shop where he can be on hand to help with the day to day specialist music queries.

Relying heavily on the seasonal popularity of the area as a tourist attraction, Frank and Susan have decided to market the shop products to a wider audience on the Web. For those of you who cannot visit us in the shop, we hope you enjoy browsing their site.

Frank and Susan Wappat - 2006

24th November 2006

Finally, an update after two years…
Bear with me as I get the software installed on the home PC.
Meanwhile, here’s a family update – Isaac is now 6, and Jacob is 3.
Andrew, Isaac and Jacob - North Yorkshire Moors - Summer 2006

Andrew, Isaac and Jacob - Summer 2006


7th July 2004

I just wanna to thank you, for everything you did. The show is incredible, it's just amazing what they can do, with such instruments. Right now STOMP are in Mexico City having a lot of publicity. They are participating on National TVshows.

Also I had the opportunity to meet Billy he took pictures of the two of us. I hope you get it.

Thank you very much!


Katia, Adriana and Brenda Williams


1st July 2004


I am Rudy's sister. I'm glad we can be in contact, so we can actually get to know more about the each other.

Rudy told me, that your brother in law, is in the group "Stomp". I am here in Monterrey, and I would like to go. I heard that is an international show, so I think it is great. If you dont mind, what is the name of your brother in law? because maybe I can give him a picture of some of the Mexican Wappat Family?

Thanks for everything,

I hope you can answer me

Katia Camarillo Williams

25th June 2004
Dear Friends and Family,

We are in the midst of transition. Starting on June 28th we will no longer be accessing this email account. We will use a temporary email address until we get settled and relocated in Alaska.

For the mean time we will use

We will update you as soon as we arrive in Alaska with our current information.

Please keep in touch.

Nigel and Avalon Wappett

4th June 2004
Hello, I was just goofing around the internet when I suddenly saw this home page... wow.. that´s interesting!

My name´s Rodolfo Camarillo Williams. .. yes of the mexican Williams´s (or Wappatt).
I´m son of Guadalupe Williams, daughter of Adrian Williams Leal, son of John William Wappat.
I´m 26 and all I have to say is that this page is really really interesting.
I would like to be included in the Wappat´s homepage and of course to know more about my ancestors.

My personal e-mail is and business e-mail is the one I´m writing from.
I haven´t had the opportunity to travel to England but, believe me.. as soon as I have an opportunity I´d love to meet you there.

Thanks for making things happen and thanks for keeping the spirit alive.

Sincerely yours,

Rudy Camarillo Williams

22nd May 2004
Just to let you know I've some photos of some more machines designed by Fred W Wappat.
Managed to get some of an Electric Drill, which I've never come across, and also a 'Maxaw' saw manufactured by a new company, but still credited as being 'Wappat Engineered'.

They are on the New York Wappat's page.

Hope they are interesting,

Andrew (Webmaster)

18th May 2004
Just to let you know, may email has been changed.
Changed from to

Keep up the good work.

Bob (Robert Arthur Wappat)

22nd April 2004
While reading some of your mail about the Wappat saw I noticed that the s/n of a saw was interpeted to read 1 of 164
I have a saw just like it and it has a s/n 10F890, I think that this means "ten F eight nine zero" instead of 1 OF 890,
Or like the S/N 1 OF 164 could mean 10F164 "ten F one sixty four " Just a thought. Thanks for the info, and if anyone has a manual for the A-9" saw , I would like very much to get a copy of it.
Thanks again.
Johnny Holloway

18th January 2004
Just to announce the creation of
There is a front page, and more will follow in early 2004.

8th January 2004

At Christmas, I travelled to the North East and spent half a day on further research at Durham County Record Office. Good news - I have found Sarah Wappat's entry in the Baptism Register of Wycliffe Church. She was, as you say, the daughter of William Wappat (born in 1793 in Whorlton) and Mary Emmerson; she was born on 29 July 1825 and baptised on 11 February 1826. It's unclear why the parents left it longer than usual to have Sarah baptised. The place of residence is given as Globe House, although from a search of a large scale map of the area, I believe that should be Glebe House.

I paid a visit to both Whorlton and Wycliffe - both very attractive villages and worth a return visit in the summer. The Tees was in full flow and the bridge at Whorlton is certainly very interesting. I found the headstones for the Wappat family in the graveyard at Whorlton but there were no headstones for the family at Wycliffe.

My next task is to find further detail on Sarah's husband, George Bell, and where they moved to from Birtley. As I mentioned earlier, I cannot find them on any census; I have recently searched the 1841 census for Wycliffe and only William Wappat, his wife Mary and their 3 youngest children were still living in the village then; Sarah, although only just short of 16 years of age had clearly moved on. I believe she may have travelled to Birtley with her elder brother, Robert, although the 1841 census entries for Birtley are virtually illegible.

Whilst I have not yet found the birth place or date for George Bell, I have found his brother Andrew (the link is that Andrew's then widow is recorded on the 1901 census as living with her nephew, my great-grandfather). Andrew was born in New York in Northumberland in 1829; NY was then a pit village west of Whitley Bay. I will therefore be concentrating my searches in that area. I believe that George was the eldest brother.


Gordon Bell

Andrew Replies
Many thanks to Gordon for researching and sharing details of the latest Wappat to enter the Tree, and a new sister to my own great-great grandfather!

17th November 2003

I have been undertaking some family history research and wonder if you or any of the other Wappats out there can help.

My Great Great Grandfather, George Bell, married Sarah Wappat in Chester-le-Street on January 24th, 1847. Their residence at the time of marriage is given as Birtley, which was then in the parish of CLS.

Sarah's father is listed on the marriage certificate as William Wappat and his occupation as 'Husbandman', which I understand to mean a tenant farmer in today's terminology. Both Sarah and George were 'of full age', i.e. at least 21 which gives their birth year at 1826 or earlier. The spelling is 'Wappat' on the marriage certificate and not one of the variations.

I cannot find the connection between Sarah as daughter and William as father in your family tree. I know that the Sarah, born in 1812, died aged one day and the Sarah, born in 1813, lived with her father until his death and seemingly did not marry.

If anyone has any further information on this branch of the family, I would be grateful.


Gordon Bell
Crawley, West Sussex

Andrew Replies:

I can't find the Sarah you refer to on the tree, which is more up to date that the 'on-line' version at

However, I do believe I've found the connection: I believe her father was William Wappat (Husbandsman) bap.3Nov1793 Whorlton
He married Mary Emmerson on 7Aug1813.

Is 'Mary Wappat' listed as the mother of Sarah Wappat, or aren't mothers listed? Anyway, although Sarah isn't listed at the moment as one of the children, there are a few hints.

1) William had a sister, born next after him, called Sarah. bap18Sep1795

2) William had a son Robert b.1815 Whorlton, but he married in Birtley (his son William moved to the USA and formed the US Wappats of today)

3) William also had a final son John (my great-great-grandfather) born 1832 Wycliffe, who settled in Newcastle (near CLS) and formed the Newcastle/Hebburn Wappats of today.

What do you think? We need to find Sarah's birth certificate.
I'd guess she was either born Whorlton or Wycliffe, both small villages on the River Tees, near Barnard Castle, as were her siblings.

On my tree, William's (Husbandman) children:

Ann 1813 Whorlton
Robert 1815 Whorlton
Mary 1817 Wycliffe
Ralph/George(died) twins 1820 Wycliffe
George II 1822 Wycliffe
Jane/William twins 1831 Wycliffe
John 1832 Wycliffe

I'm guessing Jane would be in between George II and Jane/William

Hope this helps.

Could I have the date/place of birth of your Great Great Grandfather George Bell? I'll add him and Sarah to the tree as 'unconfirmed'


13th August 2003

Sorry I have been so long getting back to you. I am no longer in Utah, on account of having moved back to Alaska. We now reside in Eagle River, AK and I work at the University of Alaska Anchorage. I have been in Nome and Bethel for the last week and there is still no way to access the internet from those villages.

We too have had another child: another girl, Isabelle. Life certainly gets hectic with little ones around the house. Never a dull moment. I have attached a picture of all of us here in Eagle River.

Regarding email addresses, I have also included the email addresses I have for my other siblings. [Sibling Email addresses always appreciated - Ed!]

Hope all is well. Give my best to the family.

Matt Wappett

Lianne Wappett and daughter Isabelle, Alaska
Lianne and Isabelle Wappett

Matt Wappett, and daughters Meridian and Isabelle
Matt with Meridian and Isabelle

28th July 2003

Marjorie Wappat nee Nesham

In loving memory of

Marjorie May Wappat nee Nesham

1st May 1914 to 28th July 2003

Loving wife to Arthur
Mother to Joyce, Arthur and Ken
Mother-in-law to Gilbert, Joan, Jean and Margaret
Grandmother to Angus, Malcolm, Duncan, Tim, Andrew, Ian, David, Sam and Mick
Great-Grandmother to Hamish, Isabelle, Sophia, Sean, Isaac, Eliza and Jacob

Take care Nana

With all our love.

15th March 2003

We were very happy to receive your letter with the birth announcement of your new son; CONGRATULATIONS to you and Hermione, it is a wonderful news the arrival of your new baby. I was a little surprise to see your three kids are very close together, basically the same as mine (we have a girl born in 1996, another girl born in 1998 and a boy in 1999 and right know we are taking a break before we decide on the fourth ), what I can tell you is even with all the hard work that involves having three small kids at the same time (which a guess you and Hermione already figure that out) it is wonderful to see how they all play together, help each other and really become best friends, due a big part of it to the small difference in ages.

I am attaching a new photo from my kids, and also I wanted to comment that there was a small change on my email; now it is

Regards Eduardo Elizondo Williams

Valeria, Alicia and Eduardo Elizondo Williams - March 2003

15th March 2003

We have been busy acclimatising to life with Sophia and can use this as an excuse to post her first official entry to the Wappat website.
Sophia Natalina Joyce Graham
Born 10th December 2002 Warwick Hospital, England.
Weighing in at 9lb 1oz

And giving mum a memorable 18 hours of labour...

We have just returned from Sophia's Christening in Arezzo, Italy,
where we also took the opportunity of indulging in the local cuisine and 'Vino Rosso'.

Hope all is well in North Yorks and we hope to catch up with you soon.

Malc, Maria and Sophia Graham
(Malcolm is the son of Joyce Graham nee Wappat)

Sophia Nataline Joyce Graham, aged 10 weeks.

1st March 2003
I´m Edgar Alan Cantu Williams and I´m living in Monterrey, México, I knew about the web site from my cousin Adrian Williams. My mother is Leonor Williams Echartea and she is daughter of Adrian Williams Leal Wappatt, son of John William Pearson Wappatt.

My personal address is


Edgar A. Cantu Williams

28th February 2003

We received your birth announcement today!! How wonderful!! Jacob was one of our baby names for our first born. If Jenavin would have been a boy, she would have been either Jacob Aaron or Aaron Jacob. Your children are all beautiful!!

I also received your Christmas letter. That was a very nice update on everyone. I wish I had the ambition to put together something like that!!

Dick's nephew Joe is in Rome, Italy right now. He has been there since beginning of January and will be there until beginning of May. He is Dick's sister, Sue's son. Joe's sister, Katie, will be flying over there to visit him on March 5. I would never be flying across the world like that now that things aren't good with the terrorists and such. We are on high terror alert across the US. We are constantly being told to have a supply of food and water for at least 3 days. It's pretty scary but we try not to let that stop us from living. You just won't catch me on a plane!!

Don't lose touch with us!!

Terri Wappat

24th February 2003
Hi Andrew,

Let me introduce my self. I am Adrian Williams Alonso. I just found on the internet your web site. I wish I could to learn more about the Williams/Wappat family and let you know that I want to update the web site with the Family Williams Echartea.

My father is Adrian Williams Echartea and my grandfather was Adrian Williams Leal. I saw the pictures on the Mexican Williams/Wappat Home page and I did not see my family. Please don't misunderstand, the family that I am trying to explain you is the family created by Adrian Williams Leal and Aracely Echartea Rodriguez; the children of the matrimony were Edmundo, Adrian, Leonor, Sergio, Moises and Lupita grew up. All of them are my aunts and uncles.

Well is nice to talk with you and know that still we have family on England.


Adrian Williams Alonso

11th February 2003

Isaac and Jacob

Hermione and Andrew
(and Isaac & Eliza)

are relieved to announce
the birth of

Jacob Andrew Wappat

Born Tuesday 11th February 2003
Weighing: 7lb 15oz
(after 5 days of contractions…..)

Eliza and Jacob

18th January 2003
Hello Andrew

I did not realise there was a website about the Wappat family. My name is Julie Dew from Reading, daughter of Fred Wappat. I have a feeling we spoke on the phone some time ago. My dad died on the 5th January after a short illness, it was only because my uncle Ralph from Canada came this week for the Funeral yesterday that we heard about this site, as soon as I get my act together I would like to have a copy of the family tree info, hopfully we may be able to add a bit more.
Hope to get in touch soon.
Yours sincerely

17th January 2003
Greetings from Panama!
In 1990 I studied in Cambridge, England an I met Eduardo Williams from Linares Mexico.
In the past year a had contact many friends from England through the internet, and I would love to hear from you.
By the way my name is Kathy, I'm married and have three boys 11,3, and 2.

Best wishes,

Kathy from Panama

3rd January 2003

Hi there and Happy New Year to you!
Thank you so much for sending me the Wappat family tree, it will be interesting reading through it. I have come in contact with many Wappets, and Wappats in the last few months, many of them I have met with. It is really amazing that a family so large can still find its family in all parts of the world.
I hope to hear from you soon and I will let you know when I get the tree.
Thanks again and Jolly good then (just a little British humor)

Keoni Lima

27th November 2003

Ruth, Angus and Hamish are delighted to announce the arrival of
Isabelle Mary Joy Graham
on 16th November at 1.57am at the Bethanien Hospital in Zurich.
Vital stats 3.44Kg and 49cm long.
Her two middle names are her grandmothers'.
The labour was another quick one - less than three hours.
Hamish hid his disappointment at a baby rather than a train coming out of mummy's tummy very well - he has been excellent with Isabelle but has been giving his parents many withering glares. Please see attached pic of Ruthie with lovely baby and revolting haircut (her own words) - Isabelle is about 12 hours old in this photo.

Lots of love from Ruth, Angus, Hamish and Isabelle
(Isabelle is the grand-daughter of Joyce Graham nee Wappat, originally of Hebburn, England)

Isabelle and Ruth Graham

12th November 2002

I just wanted to add my email address to your website. I am the great-grandson of George and Violet Wappett of Boise Idaho. They are originally from Shildon, Durham, England but migrated to Boise, ID in the 1940's.


Keoni and Lisa Lima (Caldwell, ID USA)
(Photo: Left to Right Adrianne, Kapono, Kalani and Keoni Lima - all siblings)

(George Wappett (grandson of John Wappat b.1826 Whorlton) emigrated to America with his two children Joan Lavina and Nigel George. Joan married Edward Ho of Hawaii. Nigel has family in Utah and Alaska. For further details follow the link to 'Alaskan Wappetts')

Lima Family, Idaho, US

16th October 2002
WAPPAT October 16, peacefully, at Bishopsgate Lodge Nursing Home, of Eppleby, Richmond, North Yorks. Eva (nee Tweddle), aged 84 years, beloved wife of the late Norman, much loved mother of Clifford, dear mother-in-law of Christine, dearest nana of David, also a sadly missed sister of Mary, Kathleen, George, Norman, Stan, Dennis and the late David and Bill. Friends please meet for service at Darlington Crematorium on Monday, October 21 at 2.45 p.m., followed by cremation. Family flowers only. Donations, if so desired, may be sent to Bishopsgate Lodge Nursing Home, Bishop Auckland.

6th September 2002
Hi Andrew,
My name is Beatriz Rodríguez; I am Jaime Williams' wife. Jaime is the son of Edmundo Williams, son of Adrian Williams, son of John William Pearson Wappatt. My father-in-law (Edmundo Williams), told me to look up this site, which some other family member had talked to him about.

Jaime and I have a 2-year old son and we will shortly send some photographs of all this branch of the Wappat-Williams family. We live in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, as well as my parents-in-law.

My father-in-law has actually met Frank from England, and I know he visited him a long time ago. I am glad to be able to trace the origins of my husband's family, now my child's family too.


Beatriz Rodriguez (Williams)

13th August 2002
Tim and Clare Wappat

are happy to
announce the birth of

Sean Wappat

Born 13th August 2002

31st July 2002
Today I got the Wappat family tree. Thank you for sending it.
I'll soon send you more family pictures and dates.

I congratulate you for your beautiful family.

For now I send you some pictures of our last vacation in Chichen Itza on Yucatan Mexico. It is a place frequently visited by English tourists.

Posted by Javier Adame-Williams
To see more of Javier's pictures click here.

Javier Adame-Williams and family at Yucatan, Mexico

29th July 2002
I must apologise to Arnulfo Williams for not posting the photos he sent me in April 2002. I have only just worked out how to extract them from Powerpoint, but that is not an excuse. I have copied here his orginal message, a photo of Arnulfo with Gabi, and two views into Linares, Mexico.
To see the rest of the excellent views of Linares, click here

Arnulfo Williams and girlfriend Gabi

Hello Andrew
I hope you are fine and having a great time. Sorry about my English but I hope you can understand me very well.
Yes, as you said, I am son of Allan and Chelito; the second one. I am still not married yet but I think perhaps at the end of this year or the starting of 2003. I studied Business Administration for 6 years in Monterrey and actually I have 2 and a half years working with my father in our Hardware Store. (send you photos after)
I was studing for one year in England in 1990-1991. I was living in Headley, Hampshire and studing at Alton College. I went 2 times to visit Frank and Susy in North Shields.
I want to go in some months to see my host family and old friends, and if you can , see us and talk about the family and Mexico.
Please say hello to Frank and Susy
Posted by Arnulfo Williams

Linares, Mexico - kindly sent by Arnulfo Williams. To see the rest, click here.

Linares, Mexico - April 2002

29th July 2002

Mr and Mrs John Paul Strain II
are pleased to announce
the marriage of their daughter

Jenny Jean

Kerry Phillip Wappett

son of
Dr and Mrs Nigel George Wappett
on Friday, the sixteenth day of August
Two thousand and two
in the Mesa Arizona Temple of  The Church of Latterday Saints

Kerry Phillip Wappett and Jenny Jean Strain

3rd July 2002
Many thanks to Joan Newman nee Wappat for sending photographs of her parents John Wappat (1902) and Violet (1906), holding her son Barry. This photograph was taken in 1964 in London. For more photographs of John and Violet, as well as Joan and children Barry and Gilian, click here. This will link to the Tyneside Wappat Homepage.
If you have any photos of Wappats old or new, please email me at and I will give you my home address. All photographs sent to me will be returned.

John and Violet Wappat, with grandson Barry - August 1964

28th June 2002
Re: Wappat Photograph Page. I was unable to view this page (Error 404...)
Has anyone else reported such difficulties?

(Editor: I will update the site properly in the summer. Sorry!)

Nice Messageboard photo of my Great Uncles & Aunt (Arthur, Frank & Florrie) I was born on Florrie's 53rd birthday!
Posted by Barry Newman
(son of Joan, Grandson of John Wappat)

19th June 2002
Hi Andrew;
Here I send two pictures of me and my family.
(right to left)
Javier Adame-Williams
Martha A. Guajardo
Andres A. Adame Guajardo
Javier E. Adame Guajardo
I will send you pictures of my parents and brothers in a near future.
We send good wishes from Mexico, so that England can win the World Cup.
Posted by Javier Adame-Williams

[Click here to see Javier's other picture, and other recent photos from Mexico. Andrew July 2002]

Javier Adame-Williams and family, Martha, Javier and Andres.

2nd June 2002
Dear cousin,
My name is Javier Adame-Williams, grandson of Juan Williams Leal living in Monterrey Mexico. I read your webpage and got interested in the Family Story. If you could , I suggest you put a family tree in your webpage.
I hope we can meet in a near future. With affection from Mexico.
Posted by Javier Adame-Williams

8th May 2002
Dear Family and Friends,
You will not that we have changed email address. Please keep us informed and updated with your news. Life in Arizona is hot, busy and full of new adventures each and every day.
Posted by: Nigel and Avalon Wappett

29th April 2002
Let me introduce myself, I am your father's cousin, Joan Wappat, daughter of John Wappat, who was the elder brother of your grandfather Arthur. I was quite surprised to learn that there is another Joan Wappat, I thought I was unique!!

As you will notice I married Roy Newman way back in September 1959 and have lived for the past 36 year in Norwich, Norfolk. A very nice part of the country. We have two adult children, Barry and Gillian, and one grandson from our daughter's marriage to Glen Skoyles, his name is Aaron and we delight in him as he lives very close to us. It's nice catching up on family news even if some of it isn't very pleasant. The photo of Aunt Florrie with her brothers Arthur and Frank is really great, that is how I remember them all.

Could you please place my E-mail address on the WAPPAT page so that old friends may get in touch if they wish.
Posted by Joan Newman nee Wappat

In loving memory of
Florence (Florrie) Wappat
13th Dec 1910 to Dec 2001
Arthur Wappat
22nd Sept 1908 to 12th March 1999
Francis (Frank) Wappat
19th June 1904 to 16th Dec 2000  
Loved by their families.
The last of a generation.

FranK(1904), Arthur(1908) and Florrie(1910) Wappat

9th April 2002
Hello Andrew
I hope you are fine and having a great time. Sorry about my English but I hope you can understand me very well.
Yes, as you said, I am son of Allan and Chelito; the second one. I am still not married yet but I think perhaps at the end of this year or the starting of 2003. I studied Business Administration for 6 years in Monterrey and actually I have 2 and a half years working with my father in our Hardware Store. (send you photos after)
I was studing for one year in England in 1990-1991. I was living in Headley, Hampshire and studing at Alton College. I went 2 times to visit Frank and Susy in North Shields.
I want to go in some months to see my host family and old friends, and if you can , see us and talk about the family and Mexico.
Please say hello to Frank and Susy
Posted by Arnulfo Williams

5th April 2002
Andrew, how are you...?
Thanks for your email... and I feel very happy when I receive information about our big Wappat family in all these different countries. I'm sending some pictures of my father Juan Williams Alanis, so you can work on the web to explain to all about this big family with more information about our history in Mexico....I can see a lot of emails and in my opinion we MUST get to know each other, so when they travel to Mexico or we go to different countries we can meet our cousins......
Ing. Javier Williams Tancredi.

Javier Williams Tancredi and Juan Williams Alanis

Javier Williams Tancredi works at Williams & Tancredi Comunicaciones s.a. de c.v. To visit their website click here.
Juan Williams Alanis is the son of Juan Williams Leal Wappatt, and the grandson of John William Pearson Wappatt who emigrated to Mexico in 1894, originally from Middlesbrough England.
Click here for more photos of Javier and his father, and more recent photos from Mexico.

5th April 2002


Paul Wappat at the BBC

Paul Wappat BBC Radio Newcastle Presenter
Saturdays 10am - 1pm (95.4 FM)
"I’m a great believer that radio should be fun and that’s what I try to achieve every Saturday morning. I also love music from all decades and every week I strive to include music that appeals to all ages".

For further details on Paul and his programme, see his "Presenter Profile" on the BBC website.

Posted by Andrew.

2nd April 2002

Use Wappat Lubricant

I really felt this plate from the 9" Wappat Saw deserved a place on the Message Board, if only to see our name cast in steel in the 1930's! Frederick William Wappat  (born 1886 Pittsburg) was the third child of William Wappat (born 1947 Forcett) who emigrated to the USA in 1880. Fred's saw company was based in Mayville, NY. Posted by Andrew

27th March 2002
I've finally had time to scan some pictures of the 9" Wappat saw. I don't have any new information on the company or the history of the saws to pass along, but would love to hear from you if you've learned anything.

Thanks, David Pitkin

Many thanks to David for this. The correspondance about the history of the Fred W Wappat Saw Company, of Mayville, New York, and the rest of the photographs are on the New York Wappat's web page.

A Fred W Wappat Saw, New York circa 1930

25th March 2002
Just thought I would give an update on the Wappat family tree. Seen the site and would like mention some names for the family tree. My mother Brenda and her brother and sister Ben and Joan Wappat are the children of william wappat from South Shields, England.
Ben's two children are called Lynsey and Karl Wappat. Karl has a son aged 4, called Karl Neil Ben Wappat.
Please reply
Posted by Karen Redfern
This lost branch is of the Tyneside Wappats, with whom we had lost contact, despite many still living in Hebburn! It looks like the family tree is going to be virtually complete! Andrew.

22nd March 2002
My name is Arnulfo Williams and my e-mail is:

21st March 2002
Hi Andrew, my name is Laura Elizondo Williams, I am sister of Eduardo and Luis, from Mexico. I think this page is fantastic, it was a pleasure to go over it and enjoy all the information about my own family.
I live in Monterrey, Mexico, I am 39, have three children and it will be great to get in touch, at least by mail, with all the family members.
Posted by Rosaura Williams

22nd February 2002
I need to apologize in advance if this is a Wappett (Wappat) - only website, because I'm not a Wappett -- I'm a Pitkin.
Though I've enjoyed much of the fascinating Wappett family history I've read on this site, I'm actually trying to find any information I can about the Fred W. Wappat saw company. I own a wonderful Wappat saw, and would love to know more about its history, and how such a high-quality tool came to be. Any responses would be immensely appreciated!
Thanks to all,
David Pitkin
The resulting correspondance about the Fred W. Wappat Saw Company can be found on the New York Wappat's Web Page. Follow this link.

31st January 2002
Dear Andrew, Hermione, Isaac, and Eliza,
What a wonderful Christmas greeting and newsletter. It sounds like the Wappett family is growing in wonderful ways. The children are absolutely priceless. I think you have every reason to be proud of them. Your family sounds like it is doing great things and that you are enjoying life. As you could tell from our update, our lives have changed quite a bit. At the beginning of this change Nigel sent you an update on our side of the family history, but we have never followed through to see if you received it. In fact I realize that you have a new email address from the one he would have sent it to and perhaps it got lost. I believe he wrote a bit of a history of his father and our family. Let us know if you received it.
We would not mind at all having a bit of our news added to the website. We should have our Andrew send you a few of his digital photos of his work so you could post them as well. He is enjoying living in Alaska and is keeping busy with his building, creating, and his newest addition a return to the University. Matthew just informed us that our family is growing a bit as well. He and Lianne are having their second child in September.
We anticipate that at the conclusion of our mission here in Arizona that we will return to Alaska and once we get established again in the job market one of our first priorities will be a trip to England. We certainly appreciate your efforts in staying in touch and keeping the Wappett/Wappat name alive and healthy. We feel a deep and real kinship to the British roots that we all share.
We send our warmest love to you.
Avalon and Nigel

29th January 2002
Nigel and Avalon Wappett left the subarctic of Interior Alaska to serve a three year mission as President of the Phoenix Arizona Mission, in answer to a call from the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. "The plan was for Avalon to get an M.A. in public health and we planned to serve in a medical or teaching capacity in a Third World country," Nigel said. This was the original plan that was put on hold when the call came last November and they began preparing themselves and their family for the transition. "We will resume that path," he continued. "When I do retire in 10 years I plan to use my professional skills as a medical missionary".

Taken from Mormon News (c) 2001. For the full article, visit the Alaskan Wappetts web page.
Posted by Andrew Wappat, after losing the content of Avalon's Christmas newsletter. Sorry!

27th January 2002
Hello Andrew,
I came across your WAPPAT Website recently in the course of searching on the Internet for some information about Whorlton, to where I have traced back my
JOHNSON line. It looks as though my 4 x great-grandfather, George JOHNSON, married in Whorlton and raised his family there. You mention that Whorlton was once an important JOHNSON stronghold, so it seemed a good idea to drop you a line. The information which follows has been obtained mainly from the relevant parish registers.

George JOHNSON, a butcher of Northallerton (born circa 1750), married Mary JACKSON of Sledwick on 14 May 1772 at Whorlton. Marriage bondsman: Charles JACKSON, a skinner, of Barnard Castle.
There are four known children, the last, John JOHNSON, was my 3 x great-grandfather, who lived & worked in Wolsingham as a shoemaker from about 1795 until his death there on 01 February 1851.

I would be interested to hear any comments that you may care to make about this matter, & grateful for any light that you can shed on it. It is likely that other people with an interest in JOHNSON of Whorlton will find their way to your Web site, so would you put this e-mail on your Message Board for me, please?

Kind regards
Posted by: David Johnson
Andrew replies: There doesn't appear to be a George Johnson on our family tree; most of the Johnson's were accounted for using their wills held in Durham, allowing us to go back to 1480. There are a couple of male Johnsons in the tree from 1600-1700 who don't appear to have had children: perhaps their wills were less clear on this? Interesting that Robert Wappat bap.25 June 1743 Whorlton, witnessed the 1763 wedding of George Jackson, and your ancestors were George Johnson and Mary Jackson!
Thanks for getting in touch, let me know how your research continues.

7th June 2001
Andrew and Hermione are proud to announce the birth of Eliza Caitlin Wappat at 1.38am Thursday 7th June 2001. She was born weighing 7lb 6oz in Guisborough, England. She is sleeping well(!) and little brother Isaac enjoys stroking her hair and announcing she's asleep..."eeep!"

Ellie is the first girl to be born to this branch of the family for 63 years, since her great-aunt Joyce. She breaks a straight line of 11 boys! Her great-grandmother Marjorie is delighted!

For more photos click here.

Eliza Caitlin Wappat 7th June 2001

9th May 2001
Hi, how are you? We are fine, all the family are growing and we are getting old, but anyway all the family are fine. We went for a big family trip to Orlando, Florida to visit Disney world. We went with all the family; brother and sister and my parents. We had a very wonderful time; this is the third time we've visited Disney in a trip like this one. We drive for two days, we stop and fill up all the restaurant, making a lot of noise. We are a very big family and together you should see it, fantastic!

A few weeks ago we went to our ranch, in our Easter Vacation, and again all the family got together. We enjoy these trips a lot because you can talk and have fun with all the rest of the family.

So when are you coming to Mexico? Remember that the family is very important for us. I hope we can know each other some day and teach our children to visit each others part of the family.

Take care and remember that you have family in Mexico,
Posted by: Javier Williams Tancredi

5th May 2001
Hi Andrew,
Just browsed through the website for the first time, very interesting!! Nice to know I can trace my family history at the click of a mouse.
Thought I'd give you my Email address to add to the list.
Take care,
Sarah-Jane Johnson (Wappat).

2nd May 2001
Hi, How are you? We're fine. Summer is almost here, but I don't like summer very much because sometimes it reaches 44° Celsius. My grandmother (Rosaura Williams), grandfather and my aunts are going toth UK this Thursday. They will go to London, Edinburgh, York, Durham, Newcastle, and finally they will go through the Chunnel To Paris. All of them are going to visit Frank at Newcastle.

I hope you have a good summer.

Posted by: Stefano Elizondo

27th January 2001
Howdy from Utah again!
I hear that my parents have been sending more stuff your way. It took me bugging them for quite a while, but eventually they got their act together. We hope that you had a good holiday season and a great New Year celebration. We also hope that Hermione is surviving her pregnancy. After having our baby, we just can't imagine going through that ordeal again any time soon.
We have finally settled down and are learning to deal with a new member of the family. It is quite strange to have a little one depend so much on you, although we wouldn't trade her for a million dollars. We got our digital camera and have been learning to take pictures and send them. We thought that we would send you some to see winter in Utah.
The first picture is of Lianne and Meridian at the Nordic Skiing World Cup races that were held here in Utah this past month. It was a very snowy day, so you can't see the mountains, but it is a beautiful venue for the Olympics next year. Also attached is a picture of us in the museum in Fairbanks at Christmas. Yes, that is a life size grizzly bear behind us. Then there is a little picture of Meridian after going skiing with us.
We will try to be more faithful in our correspondence and we hope that this email finds you all healthy and happy.
Give the family our best.
Love, Matt, Lianne, and Meridian

24th January 2001

Gilbert Graham 1938 - 2001

In loving memory of
Gilbert Graham
29th October 1938 - 24th January 2001
Loving Husband to Joyce Wappat,
Father to Angus, Malcolm and Duncan,
Grandfather to Hamish.

16th December 2000

In loving memory of
Francis Wappat
19th June 1904 - 16th December 2000
Brother to Maggie, John, Arthur, and Florrie.
Father to Frank and Alan. Father-in-law to Susan and Valerie.
Grandfather to Paul, Helen, Rachel and Sarah-Jane.
Great-Grandfather to Christopher and Harry.

12th December 2000
Seasonal Greetings to all in the Wappats in the Family around the world! It's been a brilliant year for keeping in touch, long may it continue!
Good luck for the New Year 2001,
Lots of love from Andrew, Hermione and Isaac.
PS. Wappetts and Williams too!!
Posted by Andrew Wappat

11th December 2000
Hi. I´m Jorge Williams Alatorre, son of Jorge Williams from Linares, México. I´m the eldest brother of Ricardo, Maria Angelica & Luis Carlos. I have two children, Jorge Alberto & Emiliano Williams Vela. I am married to Jissel Vela, mother of my sons. It´s really nice to see the work that you have made, receive my congratulations.
Our best regards.
Posted by: Jorge Williams Alatorre & Family.

29th November 2000

A belated congratulations to Andrew and Courtney Wappett on the birth of their first child Chandler Andrew Wappett, on the 16th August in Porland, Oregon.
Good luck with your new family from all of us; we hope you can get enough sleep!
For more photo's click here.

Congratulations also to Matthew (Andrew's brother) and Lianne Wappett who had a little girl Meridian Scout Wappett, on the 8th November in Utah.

Posted by Andrew Wappat on behalf of Avalon.

28th November 2000
I am very glad to get in touch with you. Its really nice the job you have done in the Wappat´s website; its wonderful to see the family history and how it has grow across different regions. I will like to introduce myself with a little more detail I am Eduardo Elizondo Williams (son of Rosaura and brother of Luis). I am 31 years old, my wife is Alicia Maria Sada and we have three children: Alicia who is 4 years old, Valeria who is 2 years old and Eduardo who is 1 year old.
We live in Monterrey, Mexico were most of the Williams (Mexican Wappats) live. I will be very happy to send you a photo of my family. (I need to take a new one were I am included, since I am the one that takes them I never appear).
Best Regards
Posted by Eduardo Elizondo Williams.

Eduardo, Alicia and Valeria Elizondo Williams

22nd November 2000

Angus, Ruth and baby Hamish Graham Congratulations to Angus and Ruth on the birth of their first child Hamish Johann Gilbert Graham on Wednesday 22nd November.He was delivered weighing 7lb. at Bethanian Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland.
We hope you don't get him too addicted to Swiss chocolate, impeding his ability to ski!
Well done to you both, and good luck for the future!

For more photos click here.

(Hamish is the first grandson of Gilbert and Joyce Graham nee Wappat, Angus's parents.)
Posted by Andrew Wappat

6th November 2000
Hi; My name is Ricardo Williams Alatorre from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, México. I am Jorge Williams' son from Linares, Nuevo León México. I am 31 years old and I have two childrens; a girl (Judith Michelle) is 4 years old and a boy (Ricardo Marcelo) is 11 months old. I have two brothers (Jorge and Luis Carlos) and a sister (Maria Angélica). I work here in Monterrey but I was born in Linares. My wife´s name is Judith. I got a surprise when I saw this Internet page and I congratulate you for your work. If I can help you, please let me know and you can contact me at this e-mail address. If you want to publish this e-mail, please you can.
Thank You.
Posted by Ricardo Williams Alatorre

28th August 2000
Hi Andrew, my name is Javier Williams and I've just known about you,.I am the son of Juan Williams from Linares, N.L. Mexico, and I have a wife with 4 children (a boy of 9 years, and 3 girls aged 8, 5, and 3). I am 39 years old, and I would like to be in contact with you. My cousin Fernando Davalos told me about you and that you have a lot of interest from our family. I am going to Europe next month for work and my wife is going with me. We are going to London to see The Phantom of the Opera and then to Paris and Rome. I think you just did a wonderful work with the Internet pages. Here in Mexico we are very proud of our name and to know that we have relatives in London.
Posted by Javier Williams

21st August 2000
There is a Destiny, that makes us Brother's,
No One goes their way Alone,
That which you put into the life of others,
Shall come back unto your own.
Posted by Anonymous Wappat

12th August 2000
Hi! My name is Fernando Dávalos Williams, I'm 40 years old and I visited your page about the Wappat family. My grandfather was Juan Williams. It's very interesting.
If I can get more information I will send it to you.
Congratulations for this great job. Regards
Posted by Fernando J Dávalos Williams

7th August 2000
Hi there Wappat family!
My name is Luis Elizondo Williams, member of the Mexican Wappat branch. I sure enjoy this website and it gave me a wonderful opportunity to show my children, Stefano,12, Greta,7 and Isaac,4 (yes Andrew , another one in the family!) a part of my family history. Wouldn´t it be great if we could have a world wide Wappat meeting. I´m sure the "wappat" Mexicans will be more than eager to join in. Any suggestions?
Posted by Luis Elizondo Williams

4th August 2000
I have just been searching the net for family info when I noticed the name Wappatt. This name also comes into my family history - although indirectly. My Great-Great-Great-Grand Uncle Edmund Joseph Hoggett married Ann Wappatt in Lartington on the 25th May 1856. Ann was born in 1835 in Whorlton. Her father was called John and her mother Elizabeth Pearson. Ann died in the December quarter of 1919 aged 84 years.
I have a fiche for Barnard Castle/Whorlton 1813 - 1839 showing the baptisms of many Wappats/ Wappets in Whorlton and Barnard Castle. I will gladly look up any info you want. I can give you details of the children of Ann also. Let me know if this is of any help.
Posted by Janet McNeilly
Ann Wappatt was the sister of William Pearson Wappatt, the father of John Williams Pearson Wappatt who was the first Mexican Wappat - many thanks to Janet for this, and the subsequent family information she has shared with me - Andrew.

16th July 2000
I am very happy to say hello to Frank and Susan, I have not heard from them since last year. I am Consuelo Cantu de Williams from Linares, Mexico. Greetings to Joan, Ellen and all the family. Bye.
Posted by
Consuelo Cantu de Williams
(wife of Allan Williams the grandson of John William Pearson Wappatt)

24th May 2000
Andrew; My name is Matt Wappett. I am the eldest child of Nigel and Avalon Wappett of Fairbanks, Alaska. My parents have been forwarding all of your emails and site updates to me for quite some time now, and I will have to say that you have put a tremendous amount of work into this project. Kudos. Keeping up a website is a full time job, and a website that is as comprehensive as yours has got to be difficult.
I guess that I should tell you a little about myself. Me and my wife, Lianne, currently reside in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am working on my Ph.D. in Special Education and my wife works in advertising. She actually travels to England quite frequently to do business since she works on the international Intel account and account. We are currently expecting our first child on October 31. That will be another generation of Wappetts to add to the family tree! We will send pictures of the Utah Wappetts as soon as I get around to scanning them. We have some beautiful pictures of us in the wilds of Utah. I used to be a whitewater guide before I started school in earnest, and we still try to run several rivers every summer. With the Grand Canyon and several other world-class whitewater rivers in the vicinity we are never at a loss for things to do on weekends and holidays. Basically, this means that we have tons of pictures of Wappetts doing really stupid things in little rubber boats. We also have some beautiful pictures of Wappetts in the Redrock wilderness of Utah. Do you prefer photos in JPG format?
I look forward to hearing back from you, and will hopefully get some pictures off soon. Keep up the great work.
Posted by Matt Wappett
"It may be irrational of me, but human beings are quite my favorite species."- Dr. Who

3rd May 2000
Frank adds bronze to his awards. There was success for veteran BBC local radio presenter Frank Wappat at last night's star-studded presentation of Sony awards at London's Grosvenor House Hotel.
Frank picked up a bronze at the international awards ceremony in the specialist music section with a programme researched by him on the life of Hartlepool singer Chick Henderson, who was killed in the Second World War.
This was broadcast on ten BBC local radio stations last year.The BBC Radio Newcastle presenter won the gold award at last year's prestigious Sony ceremony.
Last month Frank, who lives at Eastgate, in Weardale, celebrated 35 years in broadcasting with a party at the BBC's regional headquarters at Fenham in Newcastle.
Posted by Andrew Wappat
Article (c) 2000 The Northern Echo.
Article found at

20th April 2000
Andrew, the web page is great! I plan to send you some pictures shortly, but I am very busy right now as I am graduating from college on the 12th of May! Your son is absolutely beautiful. Take care, and you will hear from me soon.
Posted by Carri Wappat

25th March 2000
BROADCASTER Frank Wappat has been nominated for a prestigious award - for his investigative journalism skills. The presenter has been nominated for a Sony Award for an investigative piece on his BBC Radio Newcastle Stars on 78 Show. It's the second time that the popular presenter has been nominated for a Sony - he won a bronze award in 1997. This time round he has been nominated in the Musical Special category for unearthing the story of Chick Henderson from Hartlepool, the first British popular singer to sell a million copies of a record. He was killed during the war and the authorities claim he was hit by shrapnel. But his widow was unhappy with the explanation and Wappat revealed a military cover-up. Frank said: "The story of Chick is a fascinating one. Some solid detective work uncovered an amazing story but the mystery was only solved when I got a call from a listener who was a radio operator on the night he was killed."
Article appears in The Evening Chronicle

15th December 1999
Hermione and Andrew are happy to announce the arrival of their first son Isaac Jackson Wappat, born at 5.08pm at South Cleveland Hospital, Middlesbrough, England. He weighed 8lb 2oz and is already showing the Wappat long length to average weight ratio! The youngest Wappat in the world!
Posted by Andrew Wappat