The Wappat Web Site is pleased to produce this page on behalf of the North-East England branch of the family, based originally from around the River Tyne at Newcastle, mostly in Hebburn. Many thanks to all Tynesdide contributors!
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19th August 2002

Photos from Joan Newman nee Wappat - July 2002.

John (1902) and Violet Wappat, with granddaughter Gillian.

John (1902) and Violet Wappat, with grandson Barry.

John and Violet, with grand-daughter Gillian.

John and Violet Wappat, with grandson Barry.

Joan Newman , daughter of John and Violet Wappat.

Joan Newman nee Wappat.

The Birth of Eliza Caitlin Wappat, June 7th 2001.

Some photos from her first few days.

Eliza Caitlin and Hermione Wappat 7 June 2001

Eliza Caitlin and Andrew Wappat 7 June 2001

The very first picture of Eliza Caitlin Wappat

Eliza and father Andrew Wappat

Eliza Caitlin Wappat

First Family Photo - Hermione, Andrew, Isaac and Eliza

Eliza Caitlin Wappat - 7th June 2001

Grandparents Ken and Margaret Wappat

Eliza with Grandmother Veronica

Ellie with Grandparents Ken and Margaret

...and Grandmother Veronica Jackson

Eliza with Uncle David

Eliza with Uncle David Wappat (and an orange juice!)

...and with Uncle Ian Wappat.

Some recent photos of Isaac Jackson Wappat.

Isaac at around 18 months. Provided by Andrew and Hermione.

The Birth of Hamish Johann Gilbert Graham, November 22nd 2000.

Congratulations to Angus and Ruth Graham from all the family; we wish you all the best for the future!

Ruth and Hamish, 22nd November 2000

Angus, Ruth and Hamish Graham

Some History about the Tyneside Wappats.

The Tyneside Wappats' closest relatives are the Teesside and New York State Wappats. All three branches are descended from the children of William Wappat (1793) a husbandman from Whorlton, Durham. The Tyneside Wappats are descended from John Wappat (1832), William's ninth and final child.

John appears to have been a man of many trades! On the birth certificates his children he listed his professions includied miner, colliery machine stoker and gentleman's butler! With his second wife Margaret Gunn (1855) he had five children; Margaret-Jane (1869), Francis (1872), Ann (1874), Matilda (1877) and William (1879).

There are living descendants of William (1879) still living in Hebburn and South Shields, but to date we are out of contact.

Francis (1872) had 13 children, 8 of whom died in infancy. There are three families that pass on the Wappat name from Francis, descended from his fifth child John (1902), seventh child Francis II (1904) and tenth child Arthur (1908).

JohnWappat 1832
John Wappat (1835)

More details to follow soon.

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