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Welcome to the site that seeks to connect Wappat's from around the world, sharing family history whilst keeping knowledge about our unusual surname alive.
This page is just a taster of what the site contains; to find out more, either click on the words in the banner in the top frame, or on links within the text below.

If you would like to contribute anything about your branch of the family, please e-mail me at We are particularly keen on keeping the family tree up to date, maintaining a photograph album of the family and keeping Wappat's in touch using our message board Our name originates from the illegitimate child of Ann Wappat and Ralph Johnson born 1646, a wealthy landowner.
Ralph Wappat alias Johnson was born 1673 in the village of Whorlton, County Durham, and the grave stone of his son Robert is shown here.

Name Tag from Fred W Wappat Electric Hand Saw

The Fred W Wappat Saw Company was founded by Frederick William Wappat in the 1920's, initially in Pittsburg PA but later in Mayville, New York. Research includes photos, drawings of the original patents filed at the US Patent Office, and notes on Fred's wife Blanche King Smith Wappat, listed in 'Who's Who in American History Volume I, 1897-1942". For more, see the New York Wappats page.

If you own a Wappat Saw and are willing to share information, specifications and/or photographs, please email Andrew.

The name of Ralph Wappat alias Johnson, as written in the will of  his father Ralph Johnson, who died 1720.
The signature of Ralph Johnson, signed on the 20th July 1720 in his will, the day before he died. The Johnson name can be back traced to 1480.

This is part of a gold mine that was originally owned by John William Pearson Wappatt, who emigrated first to the United States and then Mexico around 1894. He changed his name to Juan P. Williams, and there are many of his descendants in Mexico to this day. Juan had five children named Wappatt, but their descendants (over 45 on the Wappat family tree) are known and registered as Williams. Juan kept extensive diaries of his travels, and it is hoped that some extracts will be available on this website. They provide a fascinating insight into life in the Americas at the turn of the century.

A good majority of the family tree information on this site is due to the extensive research of Frank Wappat and his wife Susan, in the 1980's.
I am very grateful to them both for giving me their work to catalogue and put on-line; and giving me the inspiration to continue their work.

This Web Site is owned and maintained by Andrew Wappat.
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